Film School




Professional Editing  


This Workshop covers both the technical and aesthetic aspects of editing. Understanding Story telling techniques and the basics of dramaturgy is key in furthering the creative vision of the director. Technical skills will be taught using the language of film and the organization of raw footage and sound material. Students will learn the concept of joining powerful images together in a succinct fashion to tell their story in a fresh and original manner. Students will learn how to use non-linear soft ware on their computers emphasizing the Art and Craft of creating cogent sequences that serve the story. Students will also learn how to use transitions, sequence motions and special effects motivated by story, theme and metaphor.


Workshop Includes:

 lectures  and supervised Lab time with hands on mentoring. Independent Lab Time. 


Sound Design

For a film to realize its' full potential to communicate ideas, a

Filmmaker needs more than knowledge of camera angles, lighting and a good

Script.  Sound & music are also key elements of how a film

tells the story intended by the filmmaker. This workshop will provide

valuable insights, by giving students a platform to enhance their

awareness of sound & music, and practical tips on how to incorporate

sound & music into their film projects.


Students will learn:


- how to recognize the impact of sound & music on a film's mood and message.

- how sound & music communicates ideas.

- a brief overview of techniques used by professional sound designers,

with emphasis on modern digital technologies.


Activities include:


- exercises that demonstrate how sound & music affect perception.

- techniques on selecting sound & music for film.

- hands-on experience incorporating sound & music into a film project.


In the Field:

Students will tour Florence and learn to listen to the city. They will collect sounds around the city of Florence to be used as sound effects.


Students are encouraged (but not required) to provide clips from their own film productions for various workshop exercises


Price: 450 Euro