Film School




Screenplay Writing:

This class is conducted by a professional screenplay writers and author. Students will leave the class with a perfected Pitch, and a completed Professional Short Screenplay or Documentary Script or a Treatment for a Feature length Screenplay. Student will also learn to recognize their own unique way of putting words and images together. All completed Screenplay shorts will be reviewed by our production company Infinite Human Productions for consideration.


Course includes:

Writers’ Laboratory: 2 hours daily of intensive instruction and experimental exercises where students will learn the foundation of solid screenplay writing:


Students will learn the foundation of solid story structure popularized by Joseph Campbell mentor to George Lucas the creator of Star Wars. Students will learn how to write Professional scripts and make them highly personal and original by delving  into their own personal journey as the hero in their story, facing their shadow self and  uncovering  their own unique story telling style and writer’s voice.  Students will learn how to create rich full characters that comes to life as they move into their own unchartered areas of self discovery and risk being unique!


In the Field:

The Writer’s Tour of Florence :

Students utilize the art of Florence as a way of inspiring them to create rich and deeply personal characters that will help the hero as they journey through their life story. Students will pay respects to the writers who went before them then enter into the secret world of symbols, metaphors, and dreams that speak to the sub conscious of their audience and learn how to translate them into their own artistic vision to more effectively impact their audience.


Topics Covered:

Perfecting the Pitch

Mythic Story Structure

Jungian Archetypes

The Hero’s Journey: Three Act Structure

Creating Compelling Characters that drive the plot.

Weaving Plot, Theme and Structure

The Creative Use of Metaphor

Creating Strong Dialog

The Mechanics of Writing a Professional Script

There will be a great deal of time dedicated for  independent writing assignments and completion of the final Screenplay.


Duration: 1-Week Intensive

Price: 450 Euro