Film School




Students will have the opportunity to develop their own inner artistic eye. They will learn the basics involved in motivating the frames by story using composition ,color line, symbolic representation, and creating mood and tone through lighting. Students will see film clips by diverse directors and have the opportunity to analysis them and extract elements they would like to incorporate into their own style.


Course consists of:

Lecture Series 2 hours daily.


In The Field Assignments:

Students will learn by observing the artistic developments and techniques of the Master Artists through out the ages and how they developed perspective, line, color and composition. They will see how they represented the mundane and celestial worlds , their use of Chiaro Scuro techniques to create lighting effects and shadows.


Students will collect their own portfolio of visual images, analysis them in class based on their effective use of the elements of composition they will have studied.


Story Telling with Imagery:

Students will learn how to arrange their pictures into a sequence that motivates the frame by a theme.



Students will have the opportunity to constructively analysis their work and see where they can improve on their style and technique and begin to become aware of their unique way of perceiving the world around them.

This Class is perfect for Film makers and Photographers who wish to perfect their technical skills and more profoundly develop their own inner artistic eye.


Duration: 1-Week Intensive


Price: 450 Euro