Film School




Acting and Directing for the Camera:


This class's unique focus is to bring Actors and Directors together and to help actors deliver their highest performances in front of the camera. Students will have the opportunity to perform on both sides of the camera to gain a better understanding of the creative process and the collaborative efforts involved in intuitive acting and directing. Students will write, direct and perform a short  monologue which will be filmed and used as part of their professional portfolio or as an audition piece. These audition pieces will also be put into our data based to be used for casting in Student Films, Theatre Companies and Professional Films that are shot on location here in Florence . While the workshop is very challenging we also create a nurturing, safe and creatively free environment where actors can experiment and play!


Theatrical Laboratory :

This portion of the acting workshop will help actors unblock any thing that may be stopping them from fully expressing themselves. They will gently move through their personal restrictions gaining a stronger sense of their true selves and more confidence in letting go and trusting their own inner voice. Actors and directors will learn to trust their gut feelings about a character and go with their intuitive interpretations.


Writing Laboratory:

Students will  have the opportunity to create and write their write their own monolog that best exhibits their talents.


Directing Laboratory :


 Actor Whisperer: Actors and Directors will take turns coaching one and other to help actors reach their most relaxed and powerful performance in front of the camera. Through the tools of intuitive directing Actors and Directors will collaborate together to  create a comfortable, relaxed working environment and deepen the understanding and expression of the actor.


On Location Shooting:

Students will also have the opportunity to film on location learning how to work with crowd control and maintaining concentration with the distractions of on location shooting.



Students will then play back their performances learning to constructive analysis their work and use it as an impetus for self improvement.



Price: 450 Euro